DTE Energy Pension Plan Enhanced Fraud Protection

Your Benefits Resources (YBR) and associated website are now being administered by the firm Alight. When you access the YBR website or call, you are speaking with Alight personnel. The Alight Protection Plan (APP) is an enhanced fraud protection plan for your pension that requires your contact information to receive alerts. Alight has prepared a Question and Answer (Q&A) document to address frequently asked questions about the Fraud Protection Plan procedure. This six-page document is on the YBR website (www.ybr.com/DTEEnergy).

You may alternatively request the document by calling YBR directly 1-866-899-4383 and they will mail it. DTE and DEAR encourage you to enroll in the APP as soon as possible to benefit from its coverage. You can enroll in the Enhanced Fraud Protection Plan via the YBR website or by calling them. They will ask you for the required cell phone contact information.